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Download Driver Canon Pixma iP4940

Canon Pixma iP4940 Driver Download. The excellent photo quality and performance for its price. Simple and functional staffing software for printing photos, CDs, calendars and so on. But included USB cable is not trivial! Only the power cord. Of course, everyone needs their length cable (I bought 3 meters), but when you bring home from the store brand new printer, you begin to get out of the box, read the instructions and ideas "is now something will print" is found in the absence of CSS box lace and I thought not reported, but no, the manual and it says "optional" But the benefit of the house found the right cable and test pictures soon climbed out of the printer.

Canon Pixma iP4940 Printer Driver Download
After buying SLR, has accumulated a lot of good and interesting shots. Print them as early as in the local minilab is somehow not like. I Became select a printer for photo printing. At first thought about Epson T50 or its analogue equipped with CISS L800, but somehow it did not work for me with Epson. There was a "photo printer" of the brand 10 years ago, a year later bent head, flushing did not help, and the repair is more expensive than a new printer. It began to look at the competition, and came to Canon 4940, which is a continuation of the well proven model 4840. An important factor in the price relative to Epson.

Canon Pixma iP4940 Software Driver Download
Canon Pixma iP4940 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma iP4940
Assembling Thailand, complete 5 cartridges (Japan), CD with software, a couple of sheets and a set of calibration glossy photo paper 10x15.  Photos prints fine, the main thing is a good paper. The first test images printed on Epson paper 116g / m2, which is already 10-12 years from the old printer, so pictures were dark and left in the blue. Then he loaded the sheet 260g / m2 of freshly bought a pack and photos on your output by color is not different from what was on the monitor! Print too pleased with their quality on the discs.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma iP4940
Native cartridges it quite expensive (2/3 of the cost of a new printer), but the sale is complete refillable cartridges with new chips, or you can buy chips and all this at an affordable price. The main thing is not to fill very cheap ink unknown brands and should be no problem. Ease of use. Excellent detailed intruktsiya right to install and configure the printer. Simple but very easy to use interface applets. In general, an hour after buying I printed a bunch of photos. Overall the quality is excellent.

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