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Download Driver Brother HL-L8360CDW

Download Driver Brother HL-L8360CDW

Brother HL-L8360CDW Driver Download. For the price, the Brother HL-L8360CDW printing performance is very satisfactory. The only thing he is not good at is print photos (gradients can be seen in color gradients), but laser printers (at least in this price segment) are generally not suitable for photo printing. But the device works very well as a network printer. Simply plug LAN cable into the router and use the MAC address to assign the printer a static IP address. Windows 10 computers then recognize the printer itself and the driver can be installed with one click. With older Windows systems simply with the driver installation the IP assigned to the router specify and already the printing runs on all devices in the house (thus one can handle also the cumbersome printing over USB stick at the printer). And another tip for those who want to save with the toner: 

The Brother HL-L8360CDW determines the toner consumption only on the number of printed pages, ie if a toner is empty according to the printer, it may even happen that only a third of the toner was actually consumed. Therefore, I buy only the smallest cartridges and if the printer thinks they are empty, I reset the counter (video tutorial can be found on YouTube). I do that so often until the prints look pale in color, then I change the toner. This method is of course not recommended by the manufacturer and a little caution is advised, because if you do not use the toner for too long a period it starts to clump and then you get smeared prints.

The Brother HL-L8360CDW printer came packed perfectly. The manufacturer made a lot of effort with several papers to make commissioning easier. But since about 20 particles are to be removed, it is still not easy and you could understand the instructions even more clearly. 

The enclosed driver CD is not needed, because the attached driver will make it easy to get the latest drivers. The software installation is very convenient because the printer is also found on the network. I am satisfied with the printing speed. The color print quality is ok for me. If you need super quality, you can go to the print studio. After 2 weeks of use, I noticed nothing negative. Compared to other producers Brother does not seem to want to trick with very scarce toner levels or other annoyances. There was no paper jam.

Value for money is great. WLAN, duplex and color laser, what more could you want? Besides, it is quite compact for home use. 

Brother HL-L8360CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L8360CDW Driver Download

Cons: Something bothers me the construction. You must not put anything on the printer, otherwise you will immediately have a paper jam the next time you print. The output tray could be built protected. The driver is awkward to install. In Windows without administrator rights not possible, not even by plug and play with USB. Too bad.

This Brother HL-L8360CDW is a huge thing. I thought so when I got the printer handed over. It is very heavy and unfortunately does not fit into my IKEA shelf where my old printer was standing. But good. Most of all, I was looking forward to duplex printing. So I connected the printer immediately and connected it to my MacBook. That was no problem at all and was really fast. Since this was so fix, I went directly to try out the two-sided printing. I had a nice colorful pdf document, had everything stopped, started printing and behold! There were two single-sided sheets out. The disappointment big, but I was not discouraged and checked all the settings on the laptop and the printer, printed on the evening still so some one-sided printed sheets and let it freaked sometime. Before, I had sent a nice email to the brother support and installed all available drivers.

Since I heard nothing for days, I enjoyed first the one-sided, but really great pressure. The quality is really great for my amateur standards! In addition, he is incredibly fast (at least for my senses). The only point of criticism are some colors that unfortunately no longer look exactly as they did on the monitor. This is not a problem for my daily work. I can live with that. After a few days, I also heard something from brother support. I was told that if the drivers I already installed were installed and the duplex did not work, my operating system would be too new and the printer would be incompatible. So I fell from all clouds. A super new, modern printer was now here and should not be compatible with the currently most current operating system of my laptop? I could not imagine that with the best will. So I answered and then got a reply relatively quickly. The error was actually in the installation of a driver and was then fixed very quickly. And behold, the Brother HL-L8360CDW printer finally prints perfectly on both sides.

I'm really excited and I do not want to miss it anymore. A pity, though, that he does not copy and scan. For copying my old Epson printer took a long time and I could solve it differently, since I hardly copy anyway. When scanning, I am not sure how I will solve it. Either way, I'm really happy with my new printer! It is really a great device and after initial teething problems I am now very satisfied thanks to the support.

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  2. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-L8360CDW for MacOS 10.14
  3. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-L8360CDW for MacOS 10.13
  4. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-L8360CDW for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12
  5. Download Full Driver & Software Package Brother HL-L8360CDW Here for Windows® 10 (32-bit), Windows® 10 (64-bit), Windows® 8.1 (32-bit), Windows® 8.1 (64-bit), Windows® 8 (32-bit), Windows® 8 (64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit), Windows® 7 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2016, Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2012 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server® 2008 (32-bit), Windows Server® 2008 (64-bit)

Download Driver Brother HL-3230CDW

Download Driver Brother HL-3230CDW

Brother HL-3230CDW Driver Download. This is already my second Brother laser printer with duplex. My first was a HL-1650, and I bought it in 1999! He still had the original toner! Unfortunately, my friend obviously got the engine small. A new printer had her, and because of my good experience with the HL-1650 was this Brother HL-3230CDW my first choice! The Brother HL-3230CDW is much smaller and Lighter than my old HL-1650! It prints just as well, maybe even an idea faster, but the HL-1650 was also pretty fast. The duplex unit worked quite differently than my old printer, and it takes up much less space because the sheet is simply pulled back in after printing and then the back is printed. The quality of the printout is very good, the paper also does not *wave*, as another reviewer wrote. 

The screens on the top of the printer are very simple, and it does not bother me that there is no separate on / off switch on the side of the unit. Of course that was very convenient with my old brother, because you could change your position if the printer did not even have power. But you often forgot to turn it off completely, so he stayed in stand by the whole time, because the screen darkened. The Brother HL-3230CDW gets up very quickly. This took a little longer on my old printer, and after printing, the cooling fan was always running longer. So the HL-3230CDW is an improvement in this respect. 

Brother HL-3230CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-3230CDW Driver Download

The Brother HL-3230CDW software was quickly installed on Windows7 via the CD. The driver was then downloaded via the Internet. I have not tried it on my old machine, which only runs Linux, but the HL-1650 worked without problems and I think this Brother HL-3230CDW should work just as well, because the printers are actually very nice similar. Another plus is the price! When I bought my predecessor in 1999, now I paid only 74 Euro. )How long the toner will last will be seen. My old printer had a toner cartridge for several thousand pages at the beginning, and it was still half full after over 15 years because I did not print so much. The Brother HL-3230CDW's toner will not last that long, but I did not order a toner because you never know how it's going to turn out. Luckily for my HL-1650, I did not get a chopp of toner, and that's why I'd rather wait until I need new toner. I'm not a popular printer, so I opted for a laser printer, and I do not really need color prints either, so monochrome is enough. Only duplex was important to me, even with my old printer, because you can save a lot of paper in this way.

With the software that you can print several pages on one sheet, I am still experimenting. This was easier with my old printer, although the software was similar, but maybe it was just habituation. Negative I have not found anything yet on the Brother HL-3230CDW printer, except that the toner does not last as long as with my old printer, but the printer itself was also much more expensive. The printed image is flawless, quite suitable for applications or the like.

My old printer had a display showing problems; This printer has only diodes that indicate if there is a problem with the toner, drum or paper. This was of course very comfortable on my old printer, because it was described at the same time how to fix the error (such as paper jam). I miss that on this printer, but that's nothing negative. This is just a fearure of my old printer, which certainly deserves more than 5 stars. Bloss it lives now no longer. Brother HL-3230CDW is a worthy replacement. The value for money is fantastic in any case! For those who are looking for a fast and mature laser printer with duplex functionality, I can only recommend this Brother HL-3230CDW and the drivers below here.

  1. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for MacOS 10.14
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for Mac OS X 10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

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Download Driver Brother DCP-L5500DN

Download Driver Brother DCP-L5500DN

Brother DCP-L5500DN Driver Download. The Brother DCP-L5500DN I got a day ago and give here also equal to a rating. Should something happen afterwards that is informative or affects the overall result, I will do an update on it. Ordered directly  and delivered with DPD and ordered Sunday and Tuesday suburb. No damage to the original box.

My daughter at the age of 5 has taken out everything above and then I needed only the actual device s.den "handles" left and right rausheben and kur on the ground off to remove the plastic wrap, and all fuse strips and the fuse plastic on Toner. Then just put it in its place and connect power cables. Finished. Everything else should expire on my Wi-Fi.

Switching on:
Briefly press the power switch and the power goes on. First go to the device settings and there activate the WLAN and enter the WLAN encryption number.
Immediately connected.

Download mobile app.
Yes, it works, because Brother has his own app for this.
==> iPrint & Scan and search function enabled in the app and found printer immediately. First tests performed with pressure and scan. Coloring templates for my daughter with the phone runtergeldaen and printed out via the app. it works flawlessly.

Brother DCP-L5500DN Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Brother DCP-L5500DN

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-L5500DN
After my daughter painted a picture, I put it on the printer and scanned it through the app. Perfect! Now at times the feeder scanner as a copier tried.

1. A parking ticket for wrong parking. ==> Well a little bit crooked, but the paper is also very thin and folded.
2. Insert and copy all the coloring templates that I have previously printed out. ==> looks straight, maybe 1-2 mm wrong, hard to say. I would have to consult a cm-measure.

Brother DCP-L5500DN Printing from the laptop: 
After installing the enclosed software (although the management SW did not install itself for me), I printed a few things and I have to say that the print is razor-sharp. Even the most delicate and small fonts are immaculate. Scanning from the laptop and directly to USB are still pending.

Brother DCP-L5500DN Noise Volume: Relatively loud and even the quiet mode seemed to me almost louder than the standard mode.

Brother DCP-L5500DN Speed: Very fast and for private use more and more sufficient.

Great device with impeccable workmanship and great San & Print result. In addition, there is the mobile application on the one hand by the use of mobile phones, but also by the free by WLAN in general.

After I first ordered a Canon device and returned unnerved, I ordered this device. At the beginning I also had a problem, but after the service employee was on site, I am very happy with it. It scans, prints and faxes very reliably. The appearance is robust and the display very practical. Only the soft keys would be replaced by real ones. We have Kyocera, Samsung and 5 pieces of these BROTHER PRINTERS. Color can the others, in which case the Kyocera is in front. Fuck the Brother beats them all. Top typeface. Super fast. NoName toner cheap and compatible. Great, good. Although the device only a few days, but it is as expected for the money a sharp device. Quiet fast, features that are rarely offered in this price range. And in addition I measured the power consumption. If you activate the energy saving function, the device is already after switching on within about 15 seconds at 0.7 watts and inaudible anyway. My last printer was also a Brother but the cheapest black and white laser and after 10 years unfortunately broken. The difference in technical progress is incredible in all respects. Would buy the printer again at any time.


Download Driver Brother HL-L6300DW

Download Driver Brother HL-L6300DW

Brother HL-L6300DW Driver Download. I'm very satisfied, I had overlooked when ordering the manual feeder for 50 sheets, this I now use for the shipping labels, so far no problems. So if now also the WLAN connection would work. But do not do it. You can not expect help from Brother. The Brother HL-L6300DW print is great! The energy saving function is great too. Brother HL-L6300DW is not quiet, but fast and reliable. For years, I've been using Brother printers almost exclusively at the office. My review refers to the HL-L6300DW, ie the model with 46 ppm, LAN, WLAN and touch screen. Unfortunately, the reviews of the different models are mixed here, but unfortunately I can not do anything about it.

The printer convinces as a business laser printer right down the line. With 46 pages in standard coverage (5%) per minute, the device has a fast work pace. The print image is always accurate, contoured and there are no blurs or ripped edges. Graphics are also rendered clean in black and gray areas. The same applies to duplex printing, which of course reduces ejection speed, but still achieves a respectable 24 pages with standard coverage. Also, the printing of thermal labels for parcel delivery worked flawlessly and contrary to all the recommendations of the manufacturer ran with me also label sheets properly, on which I had already deducted and used individual labels.

The device can be connected via USB (cable is to be provided by yourself) or via LAN and WLAN in the network. Thus, the computer can either be operated locally or via network to a router / server with USB or directly in the network. Thus, the printer is perfect as a corporate corporate printer, a laser printer is best off anyway to protect the employees from fumes and the noise emissions during printing. The specified 54db when printing are not particularly loud and in the context of laser printers, but I do not want to sit all day next to it. The initial setup of the operation via WLAN takes a few minutes and can be mastered with the instructions of the relative layman. Drivers and software are included on CD.

Brother HL-L6300DW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L6300DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L6300DW
Productivity elements on these models comprise speedy printing and copying and up to forty eight pages per minute, a speedy monochrome scan speed up to 50 pics per minute and single-cross, two-sided monochrome scanning at as much as one hundred pictures per minute. Additional paper trays are available in 250-sheet or 520-sheet capacities, for as much as a 1,610 sheet whole ability. With the addition of a really perfect-high-yield, 12,000 page substitute toner cartridge, trade users could fully grasp diminish price printing and more rate efficiency. Both of these items also support supply wi-fi mobile gadget connectivity, including NFC, for effortless printing and scanning and network consumer authentication. The 5000 printer and 6000 series incorporate: seven printers; six multifunction printers (MFPs) that support faxing as good as printing, scanning and copying; and three three-function (printing, scanning, copying) MFPs that Brother markets as digital copier-printers. These items shall be to be had from all Brother licensed resellers. The device is equipped either with the standard  toner TN3430  for 3000 pages or the  TN3480  for 8000 pages. Even prepared third-party products already exist. The printing costs per page can thus be kept low, which will pay off quickly, especially for commercial multi-page printers, and will thus ensure a rapid amortization of the higher purchase price. Sure, you can also buy the printer for private, but then it takes a very long time really worth it.

Incidentally, a savings tip for Brother toner and ink cartridges: these have a window below, through which the printer notices whether there is enough toner or ink is there. At some point this is transparent and the printer does not print anymore. If you tap this window now, you can still print several hundred pages. In fact, you can print the toner completely empty and replace it only when the printed image is not actually good enough.

Conclusion: In the field of black and white laser fully recommended due to very good print and low page costs. Production, connectivity and additional functions (scanning, copying, etc.) are flawless, noise and fine dust emissions in the normal context. Meaningful economy functions for lower power consumption and lower emissions are implemented and can be used optionally.


Download Driver Brother DCP-8157DN

Download Driver Brother DCP-8157DN

Brother DCP-8157DN Driver Download. When I bought this BROTHER 8157DN printer, I thought it was a big deal and it would give me no financial return. well, me gives me feedback is very practical. The Multifunction Printer Brother DCP-8157DN is ideal for companies with a large volume of documents. The Brother DCP-8157DN prints, copies and scans in automatic two-sided and comes with high-capacity toner allowing the cost per printed page is one of the most important market. With the Brother DCP-8157DN is possible to perform printing at speeds up to 40 pages per minute, the input tray capacity is 250 sheets and output tray for 150 sheets, its automatic feeder holds 50 sheets, and 128 MB of memory.

Brother DCP-8157DN Printer Driver Download
This DCP-8157DN Multifunction Brother has connectivity Ethernet, USB and USB 2.0, maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and monthly capacity per month of 50,000 pages. Today we introduce to you the laser multifunction copier Brother DCP-8157DN. It is high speed and has Full Duplex and Network. In addition, it offers monochrome prints with excellent cost / benefit ratio, suitable for offices with high volumes of documents or working groups. It brings together printing and quick copies of up to 40 ppm with high quality color scanning.

Brother DCP-8157DN Software Driver Download

Download Driver Brother DCP-8157DN

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-8157DN
It also offers full duplex feature to facilitate the production of double-sided documents, copies without using a computer, integrated network to share equipment with other users, handling flexible paper, in addition to the functions of locking feature, print accounting, copying and scanning and compatibility with ultra yield replacement cartridge for 12,000 pages. Key Features: You can print and copy up to 40 ppm with ethernet and USB interfaces 2.0 High Speed. The automatic duplex printing in duplexing. Plus, copy / duplex scanning that simultaneously scans both sides of the paper in a single pass (Single-Pass Scanner) and ability to 300 sheets of paper, expandable.

Download Driver Printer Brother DCP-8157DN
Printing without fi from the mobile device as AirPrint ™, Google Cloud Print ™, Brother ™ iPrint & Scan, and Cortado Workplace. Scanner Glass legal size for scanning / copying bound materials. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with a capacity of up to 50 sheets with ultra yield toner cartridge (12,000 pages) available for replacement. Front USB interface that allows you to print and scan to a USB stick also advanced security features, including: Secure Print, Function Lock, Security Enterprise (802.1x).


Download Driver Brother MFC-L6900DW

Download Driver Brother MFC-L6900DW

Brother MFC-L6900DW Driver Download. As a successor to the already very satisfactory working MFC-8520DN brings this multifunction device finally with the feature, which was missing until then: WiFi connection. It finally integrates wirelessly into my home office, where over the years many class sets, training materials and brochures have to be privately printed. Ugly paper jams, failures or quality losses were so far with this device, no, I leave print jobs like to run unattended and this was not disappointed.

Of course, this Brother MFC-L6900DW handles the duplex function in all four modes. This makes it a very welcome assistant in a small office, but especially in applications where documents need to be scanned frequently. Thanks to the duplex scanning unit, documents placed in the document feeder can be scanned simultaneously from the top and bottom. For example, as a trainer or teacher who copies work materials or duplicates copy templates, he knows how annoying manual page changes eat up time each week. Thanks to the duplex printing unit, the result can then be printed on both sides on request. If you use a printer-specific layout setting or tools like FinePrint, you can really save time, toner and paper. The Brother MFC-L6900DW printing speed is individually felt high, but in any case standard as with comparable devices of the current generation too. After about 7 seconds, the first print result is available, the scan speed, especially in monochrome, is exceptional, it really inspires.

The cleverly integrated security features such as pin activation, LDAP, SSL / TLS or integrated NFC card reader, which recommend the device for multi-user use, the connection to the mobile devices is also easy here. AirPrint & Co are a matter of course today and so here too part of the mobile utility of the device. Time-saving, if needed, also has the option to scan and print at the same time. For example, different users can use the device in parallel - nice efficiency-enhancing option in the office.

Brother MFC-L6900DW Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Brother MFC-L6900DW

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-L6900DW
After prolonged intensive use, I have to say clearly that this Brother MFC-L6900DW is a real help without any compromises. In addition to all printing and scanning functions, which can be controlled from the PC, it is especially the combination of operation on the device and then taking place from this, direct control of the PC, a huge relief. While I used to spend a lot of time with the scanner on the table, I can only scan documents directly on the device, for example, where I can set the desired option directly on the display. Eg multi-page pdf in grayscale. Then I can easily hang up the pages, for example because the original is a booklet that I can not disassemble for automatic feeding. The device prompts you to press the continue button, press "Exit" If you close the process and a second later, the output folder is opened acoustically on the PC, in which the pdf file was automatically saved. That's SO convenient and easy!

All in all, you have here a technically very solid and absolutely speedy working device, a very reliable high-performer for the office and the private workstation to the more extensive scan / print jobs more often incurred.

From my own good experience, yes, I have to recommend the following, separately available accessories:
- Filter holder BROTHER FH-1005
- Tesa fine dust filter for laser printers, Clean Air, size L.
This reduces you on this device those absolutely undesirable, technically unavoidable, respirable Fine and ultrafine dusts of laser office equipment.
The filter holder is simply placed over the corresponding opening on the device, the filter inserted and once a year it should then be changed. It is also recommended that you select the "quiet mode" setting, which technically reduces the printing speed, but not really noticeable to me. Even if you forget that, there is no restriction / abnormal heating of the device (at least in my home office use), but that will be very different for high volumes and in continuous use.

My urgent recommendation is: be sure to invest in this accessory! Since using the filter, I have not had any of these unpleasant and coughing odors in the room, even with larger print volumes. Even the constant action "leaving the room and airing", which can only be an emergency solution especially in winter or in offices, is eliminated. You can hardly do more for less money to significantly reduce the exhaust-related health burden when working with this device!


Download Driver Brother HL-L5200DW

Download Driver Brother HL-L5200DW

Brother HL-L5200DW Driver Download. Technically mature and reliable professional laser printer for medium printing. The Brother HL-L5200DW connection to a network ideally takes place via Ethernet. The printer can also be operated via USB if it acts as a pure desktop printer. If there is no network socket at the place of installation, it is advisable to realize this easily with DLAN. So I have had good experiences and you can look forward to a wireless and radiation-free working environment.

It is nice that the device has remained very compact in spite of its good workmanship and the quite pleasing appearance of the dimensions. The paper tray holds 250 sheets of plain paper and is effectively protected from dust in a closed drawer. The printer driver fortunately allows fully automatic duplex printing. Who uses this function, will know what I am talking about. The manual counting and turning of the paper is in fact an imposition and anything but practical. I downloaded the printer manual from Brother's website and printed it as a duplex test. No problems with registering or paper jams - great!

The Brother HL-L5200DW print quality itself is nothing to complain about 1200dpi. Illustrations of the Brother in considerable quality on paper, gradients are printed with almost no visible levels. Line drawings and vector graphics are super sharp thanks to the high physical resolution. All in all a convincing idea. The print speed is fully acceptable with about 40 pages / min. In duplex mode, the machine still manages about 20 pages. That's still a good value.

My personal conclusion: For the targeted buyer group (smaller companies or workgroups with medium print volumes) the device is a good and attractively priced investment. My tip: If you want to avoid unnecessary stress, may not be tempted to noname toner or even refill dubious providers. Even if great reviews are to be found for these supposed super bargains, I would not trust this!

The Brother HL-L5200DW printer has the usual dimensions of a network printer, which you can have anywhere in the office. Nevertheless, he also fits in the home office without taking too much space. It should be noted that the printer paper disappears completely in the printer, unlike other home laser printers in which the paper is outdoors and thus can wonderfully dust over time. Ultimately, the mentioned small home laser printer with unfolded paper tray also have no much smaller footprint than the reviewed printer and so you should consider whether you do not immediately accesses this here.

Brother HL-L5200DW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L5200DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L5200DW
The typeface is razor sharp, beautiful black and rich in contrast, so that you can read the expression well. From the beginning of the first page, I could not see any streaks or blurs. Brother HL-L5200DW prints graphics and pictures in various graduated shades of gray and it's no wonder, after all, is a black and white laser printer, so that you can see images and other smaller graphics, such as multi-colored arrows, well in their "multi-color" well. Even tables can represent the printer as a designated office printer very well.

This Brother HL-L5200DW printer is connected to me not via Ethernet but USB cable, because I have a single-user PC. If you want to use the computer as a network printer, Brother can still download the associated administration software. With the USB 2.0 interface it achieves the expressions given here on Amazon loose. You really do not have to wait when printing Word documents. The paper is long since the expression because of the heat in the printer long wavy, but two times is enough to get back to a perfectly smooth paper.

Sure, the printer is designed for smaller workgroups as a network printer, but even at home work, he can play his strengths. Minutes of warm-up, as I always experience them with the printers on duty, are out of place here. In addition, such warm-up phases relativize when you start the printer right along with the PC. The Brother HL-L5200DW printer is so from my point of view all around suitable for private use.

However, I have not been able to tap into the added value of the enclosed software. All the possibilities of the printer, be it the classic one-sided printing, the duplex printing, the "many pages on one page" print, everything can be easily in the Office program (eg) in the print menu set clearly. In addition, it offers, what should be standard for such a device.

So far, the printer convinces me completely. Until recently, the title of the product explicitly referred to "scanning" as functionality. If that were still there, the printer of course would get a deduction in the complete evaluation, but that was wisely removed. "Scanning" can not, that is possible at best via the Android and MacOS apps via mobile phone, on which one then of course to use this printer, the document can print, so you have the network-connected network.


Download Driver Brother HL-L5100DN

Download Driver Brother HL-L5100DN

Brother HL-L5100DN Driver Download. The Brother HL-L5100DN printer is "brother side" service-friendly packed. Everything has its place, nothing rattles or scrubs around. It can be packed in a sturdy plastic bag and easily lifted out by two carrying handles (a second person is not required). The toner cartridge is already installed with the drum unit, only has to be unsealed.

Everything is best described on an extra short manual (for USB and network). After inserting the installation CD, you will be guided through a menu and after the LAN connection of the printer, it will be detected immediately, integrated into the network in a few minutes and can be used. Simpler and easier to service is not. A detailed, very good 408! side manual provides Brother as pdf (see solutions (dot) brother (dot) com. It is important to me the back does not protrude inter alia, a paper tray. This is also the case for DIN-A4. 250 pages A4 can be loaded, so half a package.

The Brother HL-L5100DN print quality can only say: excellent, sharp and clean. Automatic duplex printing (front and back, one sheet) works great. The printer is pleasingly fast (40 pages / Duplex 20). The volume is comparable to other laser printers, not too loud but not exactly quiet, nothing for the meeting room. Stand-by he is silent.

This Brother HL-L5100DN has a sharp, illuminated, 1-line LCD display and easy-to-use "rubber" buttons, which makes the operation much easier, because you can see what you are doing. Housing and innards are excellently processed. The toner should be sufficient for 3000 pages. So it is the full-color toner cartridge TN-3430 included, only watch her can not. Let's see how long she holds. The drum (ie the transfer unit) should hold 50,000 pages.

Brother HL-L5100DN Mobile printing: 
Via the Brother app "iPrint & Scan" you can access the LAN printer from your smartphone or tablet via Android (or iOS). The LAN-connected HL-L5100DN (D = Duplex / N = LAN) is immediately recognized in the WLAN after the APP installation and can therefore be used, is very easy! The printing would actually work fine, but is as uncomfortable as Samsung (only the printer detection runs better with Brother).

Brother HL-L5100DN Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L5100DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L5100DN
Unfortunately you still can not print directly from any application. For emails the Brother App-Mail must be used with "iPrint & Scan", for the Internet the Brother App-Browser etc. - very annoying. Incidentally, "Print AirBag for 200,000 pages" is an extended Brother guarantee when you register there. Excellent fast monochrome printer, built for the professional sector, but also integrated into the private family network.

The Brother HL-L5100DN driver installation is "very easy", whether USB or LAN (CD in, runs after a few minutes). That is not better. The Brother App "iPrint & Scan" recognizes the HL-L5100DN immediately, without having to make any further "networking" thoughts. Only Windows-aware printing directly from applications is still not possible, all through the app. The above printer is available as HL-L5100DW (D = Duplex / W = WLAN / LAN is also available) identical as a WLAN printer (incomprehensibly much more expensive !!). The supplied "3000 pages" toner cartridge held about 1700 pages with according to printer specification on average "7.00% coverage".

The Brother HL-L5100DN A4 monochrome laser printer makes, like all current Brother laser printers, a very good impression on me. The footprint is rather low for a laser printer, which makes it recommended for small offices or private use. We've been using Brother laser printers for years and have had no downtime so far. Also the Brother HL-L5100DN A4 monochrome laser printer is expected to do its job for a long time because it is almost identical in construction to the printers used in our offices.

The printing speed is quite fast with 40 pages per minute. If necessary, you can expand the sheet feed with accessory cassettes. The printer works perfectly as a network printer via Ethernet. However, we connected the printer via USB cable. The installation worked right away. Installing the printer is very easy. The layman can handle this safely.

The noise volume of this Brother HL-L5100DN printer is pleasantly quiet. Because of the fine dust, we still do not put our laser printers on the desk, but rather away from the writing station. The Brother HL-L5100DN print quality is perfect. Swapping the toner cartridge is easy and does not require a specialist.

My conclusion on the Brother HL-L5100DN A4 monochrome laser printer is consistently positive. I recommend the printer for home and for individual workstations as well as in the small office as a network printer. So far, I'm very happy with the printer. Overall I'm totally excited. Print speed like the printer in the company. Price and performance is totally fine, already in the 1st week 2700 prints made.


Download Driver Brother HL-L6200DW

Download Driver Brother HL-L6200DW

Brother HL-L6200DW Driver Download. Compared this Brother HL-L6200DW to to cheaper inkjet printers, the relatively high price of the Brother machine jumps in the eye. Although the power consumption of the Brother with 740 watts is much higher than with an inkjet printer, but the toner with a maximum print output of 8000 pages is much more productive than an ink cartridge, which usually enough for about 200 pages. A replacement toner (Brother toner TN 3480/8000 pages) costs about 100 euros for this device, the same capacity corresponding ink cartridges would cost about 400 euros. Of course, this only pays off if you print a lot. Therefore, the Brother may at first glance be designed for the office rather than for home use.

The paper tray fits 520 sheets. The paper cassette is closed and the paper is thus protected from dust. With a print speed of 46 pages per second, the printer is particularly suitable for printing large documents. Like all laser printers, the blower fan produces more noise than you would expect from an inkjet printer. But the haunting is over even faster, even if photos are inserted into documents, because the laser, unlike an inkjet printer does not have to scan line by line. The Brother HL-L6200DW printer offers optional resolutions of 300 DPI / 600 DPI and 1200 DPI. For pure text documents, a 300 DPI resolution is already sufficient. Again, the laser proves to be an advantage because it can not come to streaking through dirty print cartridges.

Brother HL-L6200DW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L6200DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L6200DW
The Brother HL-L6200DW software is installed in about 3 minutes. Since I connected the printer to the PC via a USB cable (not included), I can not judge how fast a WiFi connection is set up. The printer has a hinged touch screen, which is kept so simple in the menu navigation that there should be no problems at all in this regard. Beneath the touchscreen are more control buttons. Unfortunately, they have to submit to the design and stand out so badly in their white color that I can see as a progressive lens wearer virtually nothing. But that does not bother me, because I control the printer anyway over the monitor of the PC.

The built-in duplex unit allows two-sided printing with automatic feed / page change, which also saves paper. It may sound paradoxical that my recommendation is also aimed at buyers who print little. It may take forever for the investment to pay off. But because the toner works on a powder-based basis, it does not allow any ink to dry-a problem that I've had with my inkjet printer over and over again, and that sometimes made a good new cartridge unusable. That can not happen here. However, one should also be clear that the device is a decent block that needs space (even for the fan). You should not squeeze it somewhere in between. Anyone who wants to use the printer like me with a USB cable should also keep in mind

This Brother HL-L6200DW is a A4 monochrome laser printer may well be called a real workhorse. Not only in terms of the mass of printed pages, but also the pressure itself. The software is installed quickly and without problems. Printing, even the two-sided, is then a breeze. But you have to say: This printer is most suitable for advanced printers! Yes, the volume is slightly higher than normal, but may be granted to this workhorse without ifs and buts. Whether you should buy it for the home, with perhaps very few prints, must be considered well. A diligent worker he is always, but wants to spit out many printed pages.


Download Driver Brother DCP-L3510CDW

Download Driver Brother DCP-L3510CDW

Brother DCP-L3510CDW Driver Download. I was very happy when my printer arrived. Now I can finally print my concert tickets at home and do not always have to wait for the lame snail mail. In addition, I can finally print my business affairs at home without having to drive to the office. When the printer arrived a few days ago, I was surprised with a huge package. To be honest: I had imagined him a lot smaller. But that's also a 4in1 device (print, copy, fax and scan function), this simply needs space for its tasks. All right, so into the apartment (the friend had to carry it, no elevator in the 5th floor) with the 26kg device.

Even the unpacking proved not to be easy, so a device can not simply get out of the box, so again tackled together with the friend. When he was finally taken out of the packaging you finally saw the great device. For the safety of all functions must still be removed a number of packaging and security papers, but then he is already as good as ready for use. The normal scanning and copying works flawlessly, very fast and very very quiet! For comparison, I still have my old Epson copier in mind, this was not nearly as fast. However, I immediately noticed on the first test that I can connect the printer only via USB 2.0 or network cable with my laptop or mobile phone, because this model does not offer Wi-Fi. That made me a bit sad, since I actually assumed that nowadays all devices have WLAN.

So nothing will turn out "Take a picture with a cell phone - print - done". Well then stop with cable to the laptop. What brings me to the next problem: It is indeed a fax cable, but unfortunately no USB 2.0 cable included. Ergo: If you do not happen to have such a cable lying around at home, it will be difficult to print. Fortunately, we have all sorts of cables and could also connect the device to the laptop right away. After inserting the CD and downloading the driver software, everything went smoothly.

Brother DCP-L3510CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother DCP-L3510CDW Driver Download

The Brother DCP-L3510CDW printer is now ready for use. but unfortunately no USB 2.0 cable included. Ergo: If you do not happen to have such a cable lying around at home, it will be difficult to print. Fortunately, we have all sorts of cables and could also connect the device to the laptop right away. After inserting the CD and downloading the driver software, everything went smoothly. The printer is now ready for use. but unfortunately no USB 2.0 cable included. Ergo: If you do not happen to have such a cable lying around at home, it will be difficult to print. Fortunately, we have all sorts of cables and could also connect the device to the laptop right away. After inserting the CD and downloading the driver software, everything went smoothly. The printer is now ready for use.

Important to me in printers is always how expensive the cartridges / toner when buying. The Brother DCP-L3510CDW is a color laser printer, with this model we are moving at 50-60 € per color. That's steep if you think that you need 4! Since we rarely print with color, that's fine. The quality of the ink is a completely different one anyway compared to a normal inkjet printer.

The display of the printer, I think great. It is in color and can be easily operated by touch. The brightness can also be regulated. The menu is self-explanatory and you just get by. You can also change the contrast and brightness when printing to get the best result. Example: Driver's copy. Here, the brightness and the contrast should be set perfectly, so that you can not only read what is written on it, you must also be able to recognize the image. That can deliver this model without problems.

Conclusion: In itself, the printer is really great! It is self-explanatory and you can operate it without any problems, for normal private use, however, the follow-up costs are oversized to the device price. As you think twice if you now have to print with color. Unfortunately also negatively: WLAN and no USB 2.0 cable included. However, if you feel these little things as unnecessary luxury, then comes very well without that all clear. For home office functions this Brother DCP-L3510CDW printer is perfect!


  1. Download LINUX Driver Brother DCP-L3510CDW
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3510CDW for Mac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3510CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Brother DCP-L3517CDW

Download Driver Brother DCP-L3517CDW

Brother DCP-L3517CDW Driver Download. The  Brother DCP-L3517CDW 3-in-1 multifunction device with LAN and WLAN interface and automatic duplex printing is a solid solution for the single workstation or small workgroup. It has a color print, copy, and flatbed scanning capability with advanced LED printing unit. The Brother DCP-L3517CDW makes it easy to create two-page business documents in quickly and easily, at speeds up to 18 pages per minute in black or color. This device also supports easy direct printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

I was very surprised about the size of the package. Also that it is so hard, I would not have thought (almost 22 kilo). Nevertheless, everything was packed very safe. The printer was delivered in a large and stable box. 

Construction / Installation: 
The structure is very simple. Unpack, remove all transport tapes, activate cartridges, turn on, load paper, done. 

• Print speed of up to 18 pages / min. in b / w and color 
• Automatic duplex printing incl. booklet printing function 
• Closed 250-sheet paper cassette and single-sheet feeder 
• DIN A4 document 
glass • Print from smartphone and tablet via eg Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print
• 2-line LC display 
• USB 2.0, WLAN interface, Wi-Fi Direct ™ 
• 512 MB RAM 
• PCL6 and PostScript®3 ™ emulation Scan 
/ Copy 

Brother DCP-L3517CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother DCP-L3517CDW Driver Download

Very good copy and scan quality. The colors are really unusually good. Automatic duplex function and easy operation via the touch display. The display is very simple. Very good results in text printing, even graphics are printed in good quality. The device has an automatic duplex function that is fast and above all practical. Even the printing of documents with colors is quick and easy. The quality of the prints is completely sufficient for me. Print quality, print speed, copy and scan quality, volume, purchase price are completely satisfactory. Only the toner costs are very high and should be considered in the purchase decision.

I use the device both for private use (print pictures / photos, for school presentations and Co.) as well as professionally (mainly texts and tables). I also find the paper cassette at 250 sheets especially handy. My previous printer did not even bring it to a third, there was no paper for ages, that's really good here.) All in all, I find the printer very good, it works surprisingly quietly and quickly (up to 18 pages per minute I already very good for private use), the duplex printing works flawlessly. The quality of the print I find convincing; The Brother DCP-L3517CDW is my first laser printer, so I was particularly curious about this. The device has proven to be very good in any case.

Since we print quite a bit, I'm curious how long I can get with the toner, as they are quite expensive. But if he keeps what he promises according to the manufacturer, that's fine. I think the display is very good to use, clear, there is no need for long explanations. This is always important to me personally, I would like to work with such devices yes and not before take a study about it. That's why I found the installation very good: Within a few minutes, the printer was ready for use, the individual installation steps well explained.

I can recommend the Brother DCP-L3517CDW, the only star deduction is due to the consequential costs, but that's also relative and depends heavily on how much you print. Packaging, installation, design, speed, print quality and everything fits. I have not faxed yet, that's not the most important thing for me with this device.

  1. Download LINUX Driver Brother DCP-L3517CDW
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3517CDW for Mac OS X 10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3517CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Brother HL-L6200DWT

Download Driver Brother HL-L6200DWT

Brother HL-L6200DWT Drivers Download. The exterior of the Brother HL-L6200DWT printer:

- Weight: 13.2 kg
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 40 x 39.6 x 28.8 cm
- Control panel with integrated 4.5 cm touchscreen color display -> im Angle adjustable from 0 / 22.5 / 45 / 67.5 / 90 °
- Power cable length: 1.70 m

The processing:
(+) Stable paper guide in the paper cassette -> indeed using plastic rails, but these can be moved smoothly
(+) Front paper tray (paper ejection) makes a long-lasting impression
(+) Good closing and easy-open paper or toner cartridge compartment
(+) In the housing processed metal struts highly robust implement

The Brother HL-L6200DWT drivers installation:
The device was installed with me under Windows 7 and completely integrated into the WLAN net. After about 5 minutes it was ready for use. There was absolutely no problems / ambiguities in the installation, nor the removal or insertion of the toner cartridge. Everything is explained clearly on the enclosed leaflet and also in the display of the Brother and is otherwise intuitively comprehensible.

The Brother model brings Wi-Fi. For installation you do not have to take the detour via a USB cable. This also works completely over Wi-Fi. A USB cable was not necessary!

'The product name here on Amazon is misleading: faxing, scanning and copying is not possible! 'it has an integrated NFC card reader (MIFARE Standard / Plus / UltraLight / UltraLight C / DESfire, my-d move, Tag-it, FeliCa / FeliCa Lite / Lite-S) 'an optional connection option for external card reader via the rear USB Connection is also possible' Also integrated is a duplex unit, ie it is possible to automatically print the front and back of a sheet (including the booklet printing function).

Brother HL-L6200DWT Driver & Software Download

Brother HL-L6200DWT Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L6200DWT
The Brother HL-L6200DWT has a storage sensor that warns the screen when the paper tray is full. The device has a feed sensor that warns the screen when there is little or no paper in the feeder. 'The paper feed is absolutely trouble-free. Also a fully filled cassette (max.

'The device is easy to operate using a color touch screen and interactive pressure points on the device, directly in front of the touchscreen. The menu navigation is logical, intuitive and very easy to understand. Thanks to Apple's Airprint or Google Cloudprint and a free downloadable Brother App from the App Store, you can also control this device via tablet or smartphone. The mobile printing works perfectly and trouble-free. 'A 4-digit PIN code is also a safe pressure adjustable.

Brother HL-L6200DWT NOISE 
' Although the pressure level is not classified as whisper quiet, but is in the normal frame:
..... pressure: 54 dB
..... pressure (Eco Mode): 50 dB
..... On standby: 35 dB

'After starting a pressure from one side, the device does not need 2 seconds of initialization before it gets going -> it takes a little longer from standby mode, but is still less than 7.5 seconds' faster one-way Print from 40 to 50 pages per minute, even when large-scale patterns or photos are printed -> Duplex printing takes a little longer, resulting in approximately 12 sheets (24 pages) per minute

'The text print on plain paper produces clear and good results readable letters that are not rough at the edges -> the print quality is excellent.

'When not in use, the display switches to a display display saving mode (less bright light intensity) after approx. 30 seconds and to energy-saving mode after 5 minutes (slowly flashing house symbol). 'by a simple click, directly in the driver, the "Eco mode" (by setting quiet mode) can be activated. The Eco mode saves up to 415 watts of energy, reduces particulate matter by up to 96% and reduces the volume by up to 4 dB. Thus, the strict regulations for the eco-label "Blue Angel" are not only kept but even exceeded.

Power consumption:
..... Pressure: approx. 740 W
..... Pressure (Eco mode): approx. 390 W
..... In standby: approx. 32 W
..... Deep sleep mode : approx 1.6 W
..... Switched off: approx.

- Toner Cartridge TN-3430 (Jumbo Toner) for approx. 8,000 pages
- Detailed installation instructions in words and pictures
- User manual for getting started (detailed user manuals can be downloaded from the Brother homepage or read online) - ATTENTION : There is no USB cable included! For integration into the Wi-Fi network but also not required (not even for installation)

Brother HL-L6200DWT Conclusion:
The Brother HL-L6200DWT printer proves to be a good and powerful office worker, but also in the home area is in good hands. Especially the factors for saving energy and the extreme yield with only one toner cartridge reduce the printing costs per page significantly, so that the slightly higher purchase price should pay for itself regularly with regular print volume.